Oct 17 2009

Family Communication

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I was intrigued by Jane Brody’s recent article about engaging your child with Talk.  (NY Times 9/29/09)  Jane maintains that modern parents are  tuned into their cell phones, Blackberrys and iPods but not their young children.  I, on the other hand, am struck by how so many parents nowadays ARE tuned into their children and do follow the advice of talking to their babies whenever they have a chance — it is exciting to see.  For example, I have watched my daughter with her babies, looking at them, imitating their vocalizations, their laughter and their facial expressions and always responding to their cries.

There were  times that I wished I had been more sophisticated in my responses when my children were small.  One thing that I began to do as I travelled along in my parenting  journey was  “talking to children while I am doing things” like talking about where we are going  and what we  will do once we get there  and who and what we’ll see.

The thing that really stands out for me is the idea that babies need to hear our calm, reassuring voices to feel safe — so that gives us a lot of latitude to “babble away.”

What do you Think ?  For More Information on Family Communication and Helping Children Express Emotions call me, Dr. Audrey at 602 762 7117 for a complimentary telephone session. I can also be contacted at audrey@draudreygoldman.com and I would love to hear from you  — or read your responses.

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