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Telling Your Story

Do you ever feel stalled, defeated and not self actualized in your life?  Your feelings can be a result of the chaos and inner turmoil that you, as part of being human, are experiencing.  At times your core self breaks through, saying, “I want to be recognized for who I am.”

One way of validating your inner self  — of  being recognized for who you really are and emerging from the chaos is by telling your story.

I help people to tell their stories.  “You tell a story so that your heart is moved by it and your thoughts go deeper and your emotions emerge.” (Moore)  If we release the chaos early in our therapy, the work progresses better.  We also focus on  “self-soothing.” This is another tool that we can develop in our work.

I wonder if you have ever been in the early stages of an important love relationship and wondered whether to take the risk of sharing something from your past life that was painful or embarrassing to you?  What was the outcome?  How did you feel?  Once having taken the plunge of sharing something painful, you may end up feeling vulnerable.   Were you supported by the other person or scorned?  Gaining acceptance in the eyes of a significant other adds to our feelings of validation of our core self.

I like to give my clients time and space to remember their stories.  I listen without interfering or judging.  This helps you to become fully engaged in your present.  To be fully engaged you have to take the past in and own it.  You have to feel it with all of its intensity.  You need to be clear with yourself about where you are coming from so that you can move into a better future.

Dear Dr. Audrey

“I just want you to know that you’re the first person that has ever tuned into me and knows me—you have a unique ability for listening to what I have to say without casting judgment.”  BN, Fountain Hills

Thank you for your support and guidance and for your wonderful words of wisdom and inspiration…I always come away feeling, really cared about and nurtured by you. TL- Vancouver

Any questions?  For More Information on Telling Your Story, nurturing yourself and Recapturing Your Magic, call me, Dr. Audrey at 602 762 7117 for a complimentary telephone session. I can also be contacted at and I would love to hear from you.


Your Relationship with Yourself

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