Emotion Focused Couples’ Therapy

This approach is based on the idea that Emotion is a primary meaning system and constantly gives us information about ourselves.  Emotions tell us when something is wrong or that our needs are not being met.  Emotions identify problems for us to solve and rapidly communicate that there are problems.

By focusing on your problems, Dr. Goldman helps you to begin to reveal your underlying emotions to each other in order to change your negative interactional pattern.

Your relationship has the potential of helping you experience feelings like calm, joy, pleasure, pride, excitement and interest.  Your loving partner can help you feel calm and experience love and intimacy, attraction and identity and self esteem or self-enhancement.

But when a relationship is troubled, you may feel anxious, insecure, invalidated and bored.

Emotion Focused Couples’ Therapy helps you to work in a structured, purposeful way with feelings and encourages mutual support and empathy (compassion) in place of conflict and pain or shame and fear.

Thank you – we have gained greater understanding or our underlying feelings and are able to express them to each other.  Ron is expressing his feelings to me for the first time instead of shutting down and tuning me out all the time.  Our relationship has blossomed!  We are grateful for the growth of this experience.   AM and RM, Phoenix

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