Stress Busters


The body’s memory of stress causes normal cycles to be thrown off balance.  When the stress is over, the body still feels the effect.  Balance points have shifted – we remember too much of the stress.

Whenever stress is blamed for an illness, people jump to conclusion that the problem is too much stress.  But the problem lies with the body’s coping mechanism.  Deepak Chopra notes that “the theory of stress has to be modified to include the mind-body connection, for such invisible elements as interpretation, belief and attitude count enormously in the workings of the stress response.”

The personal way that we filter all events determines how stressful they are.  One of the key contingencies in the management of stress is Interpretation – which is based on our memories/experiences in the past.

The greatest perceived threats in a given situation seem to be produced by:

Lack of predictability

Lack of control

Absence of outlets for frustration

See “Stress Busters” for tips on how you can manage your stress.

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